Wong Ee Phin

Principal Investigator of MEME &

Assistant Professor at University of Nottingham Malaysia

Ee Phin has experience working and being involved in Malaysia's wildlife conservation field for more than a decade. She feels it is very important for us to use science to measure and manage conservation efforts, to check that we are moving towards the right path. This has motivated her to do her Masters and PhD in the field of wildlife conservation. Ee Phin’s personal study interest is on the development of non-invasive techniques (to study hormones, parasites, microbial etc.) for wildlife health monitoring. As it is very difficult to observe wildlife in the rainforest, non-invasive methods can help us answer important conservation management questions (e.g. impact of roads and other anthropogenic disturbances on wildlife health). Increasingly, she is more involved in setting up community-based human-elephant conflict (HEC) mitigation projects with MEME. This is a real issue and is very challenging to solve. There are ways we can try to save elephants and help people, but for it to be effective, we need a collaborative effort with the community and other stakeholders.


Praveena Chackrapani

Project Manager


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