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Wong Ee Phin

Principal Investigator of MEME &
Associate Professor at University of Nottingham Malaysia

Dr Wong Ee Phin has been involved in Malaysia's wildlife conservation field for almost two decades. Taking over as the Principal Investigator of MEME in 2020, she is currently setting up a plantation & community-based human-elephant conflict project via landscape approach by working with partners on the ground. MEME is a research project that focuses on science-based research to support evidence-based decisions on managing and conserving wild elephants in Peninsular Malaysia. Ee Phin's personal interest is on the development of non-invasive techniques to monitor wildlife health using hormones and DNA techniques. She works in areas of biodiversity conservation, wildlife behaviour, and engage closely with stakeholders affected by Human-Elephant Conflict. A new area of research interest in MEME is to study the impact of linear infrastructures on elephant movement within Peninsular Malaysia. Ee Phin believes that working together with traditional and non-traditional conservation stakeholders are key to saving wild elephants in Malaysia. 

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