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Master of Research Candidate

It has been a decade since Sinchita completed her BSc with specialization in Microbiology. Animals and their relationship with the environment has always fascinated her so when she decided to pursue her Masters, she was clear in which field she would proceed. Sinchita is currently pursuing her MRes with MEME at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. With 8 years of experience in the financial sector, she would like to incorporate that expertise in her research. Her study attempts to understand the socio-economic impact of human-elephant conflict on independent smallholders in Malaysia and quantify intangible costs that are borne by them due to conflict. This would help understand the hidden costs that the independent smallholders have to bear as compared to the organised ones, who receive support from the government and other agencies. Apart from reading research papers, Sinchita loves to read novels, travel to less travelled places, rescue dogs, cats and any distressed animals and spend time with them. Meditation and art helps her heal so she tries to engage in those 2 activities whenever she gets the time.

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