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Or Oi Ching

PhD Candidate

Or Oi Ching has earned a MSc in Conservation Biology nearly a decade ago and is in the process of getting her PhD from University of Nottingham Malaysia. Her research interest is to understand the population status of the endangered Asian elephant on the mainland of Malaysia. Her research aims to understand where and how elephants are distributed in our forests, its habitat suitability and how many of them are left in our shrinking and disconnected forests of Peninsular Malaysia. 


Before taking up her PhD, she has worked for 8 years in a non-profit international NGO looking at wildlife trade in Southeast Asia, as well as engaging with local communities in education and awareness programmes. Her interest in life sciences started at a very young age, and it was further cultivated into passion 15 years ago during her undergraduate study. She strongly believes that science is needed for us to move forward in effective wildlife conservation. In the meantime, she appreciates quality time spent in the forests, engaging in nature activities in our forests as well as travels to other parts of the world. 

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