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Natasha Zulaikha binti Zahirudin

PhD Candidate

Natasha started her journey in conservation since 2016 by being involved in multiple projects with NGOs while completing her degree in Environmental Science in the University of Nottingham. After graduation, she embarked on a job where she spent 2 years in Malayan tiger conservation. Soon after, Natasha decided to jump onto a PhD journey with MEME. Her research interest is in human-elephant conflict mitigation in Peninsular Malaysia. She aims to explore the use of financial and socioeconomic tools alongside ecological approaches to manage human-elephant conflict and help increase community tolerance to shift towards coexistence. Natasha believes in the importance of achieving a balance between conserving nature and development especially in Malaysia. When not busy thinking about elephants, Natasha is usually seen tweeting or on Instagram trying to inculcate nature conservation to her followers. She also enjoys being outdoors, art and music.

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