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Gukaaneswaran kaliyappan

Master of Research Candidate

Guka's fascination with wildlife began when he was a kid, he used to watch "crocodile hunter" shows on television. Started his journey in conservation since 2017 by completing his degree in Biodiversity Conservation and Management in University Malaysia Terengganu. After graduation, he joined MEME for his MRes journey. Research interest is in human-elephant conflict mitigation in Peninsular Malaysia. Research aim is to understand the movement pattern of Asian elephant within HEC landscape to reduce human-elephant conflict and provide solutions via land-use strategy to shift towards coexistence. He believes that there is a solution to any problem; it is simply a matter of whether we accept the solution or not. In the meantime, he likes herpetofauna and enjoy herping and reading about them. He enjoys going outside to explore waterfalls and try new foods, which makes him relax.

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