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Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz

MEME’s Scientific Advisor 

Ahimsa is a tropical ecologist interested in the ecology and conservation of Asian megafauna and their habitats. His research focuses mainly on the ecological role of large herbivores as agents of seed dispersal and the management of human-wildlife conflicts. Ahimsa has conducted and / or published studies about wildlife in Spain, Japan, Mongolia, Singapore, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. After several years studying elephants in Sri Lanka, in 2009 he moved to Southeast Asia (Singapore and Malaysia) to study elephant ecology in tropical rainforests. After two years of preparations, negotiations, and fund raising, MEME saw the light as a research project in 2011. Although most of his work focuses on Asian elephants, he is interested in the ecology and conservation of other large animals, especially Asian rhinos and tapirs. Besides MEME, projects that Ahimsa is working on or keen to develop are:

* seed dispersal by Sumatran rhinos

* secondary seed dispersal by rodents in Malaysian forests

* phenology and spatial distribution of megafaunal-syndrome trees

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