Ami Fadhillah Amir

MEME’s Elephant Tracking Officer

Tropical Conservation Ecology Lab

School of Geography

University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus

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I am MEME's research assistant with specific roles of monitoring collared elephants via satellite and on ground. As an elephant tracking officer I am interested to know how elephants utilize and adapt to their landscape, which can either be within 1) a natural habitat with little no to disturbance, 2) a human-elephant conflict habitat, or 3) a new release site for some elephants that are translocated by DWNP to curb escalating conflicts in their native habitats.

Since I started working with MEME I have learnt a great deal of experiences I doubt I’d find elsewhere. I have also dealt and been introduced to the Orang Asli community a lot, to which I personally consider as a privilege since they are indeed a beautiful yet shy bunch.

Other Projects

Previously I have been involved in research projects on bioluminescence of glowworms and impacts of urbanization on urban koalas, both during my undergrad in Queensland, Australia. As I learn, I wish to grow more as an ecologist, and educate as many people as possible on how important conservation is now more than ever.